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This cow is the first animal in the guide.

Welcome to boottrippers guide for everything.

The Guide is intended to be a simple image guidebook for travellers.
Doodles, stickfigures and other drawings is the form of this wiki.
Text is sometimes necessary, but keep it at minimal. Text bubbles are great though.

IMPORTANT! Read the instructions carefully otherwise it will be very hard to contribute to this guide.

Getting started

say hello to people! Webchemy image.
The very first graffiti in the Guide made in Krita.
User Álfrún drew this image Kitty.jpeg, the first cat in the guide made in

An easy way to start using this wiki.

First you need to create an account to be aloud to edit this wiki.
Then after a account is created go to Who was here to learn how to upload images.
For the historians, write your name on the wall so everyone can see who was here!
You will need to use external image editor (there is no internal image editor on this wiki) the guide recommends

Web based application

Webchemy an online cross platform sketching application(recommended works with touch screens)(FREE and open source)

Desktop applications

say hello to peopleor maybe not :(
insulted cow :(a cow(
Webchemy was used for these images.

User's Guide

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.