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The very first graffiti in the Guide made in Krita.

This page is for graffiti.
Doodle in this wiki in general needs to be more descriptive than what is acceptable here.
This is a place to learn so put your graffiti on this wall.

IMPORTANT! Read the instructions carefully otherwise it will be very hard to contribute to this guide.

Note this!

Webchemy.org saves images in screen resolution so it saves wide images in desktop screens but is great in phones and tablets.
It`s best to draw to all edges on the canvas to get best result.
Otherwise it can look to small but take alot of space.

Before you upload files

Rename your file to something else than webchemy.png.
(right click / Rename / something.png)
Or rename it in the wiki software.
There can only be one file with that name.
Files need to have unique names.

Upload files

Go to Upload files to upload image and then link it here.
How to link! just copy the last line and paste it in next line after that, chance file name and px with.
Image size should be 150px with to 300px with preferably.(you only need to set pixels with for the image)

The wall

This wall will be cleaned at least once a year(in desember) from bad graffiti. The best will remaine forever.
Geirdal.png Joi.png Webchemy.png Swag.png Álfrún.jpeg Three little pigs.png